Passive Macromodeling: Theory and Applications ebook cover
Terrestrial Radiation Effects in ULSI Devices and Electronic Systems ebook cover
Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters ebook cover
Nonvolatile Memory Technologies with Emphasis on Flash ebook cover
Nanoelectronic Mixed-Signal System Design ebook cover
Handbook of VLSI Microlithography, 2nd Edition ebook cover
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Nanoscale CMOS VLSI Circuits: Design for Manufacturability ebook cover
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VLSI Circuits for Biomedical Applications ebook cover
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Design and Modeling of Low Power VLSI Systems ebook cover
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Encapsulation Technologies for Electronic Applications ebook cover
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VLSI Test Principles and Architectures: Design for Testability ebook cover
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Designing SOCs with Configured Cores: Unleashing the Tensilica Xtensa and Diamond Cores ebook cover
$78.75 $82.95
Silicon-on-Sapphire Circuits and Systems: Sensor and Biosensor Interfaces ebook cover
Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Technology ebook cover
Logic Design: A Review Of Theory And Practice ebook cover
Handbook of VLSI Microlithography: Principles, Technology and Applications ebook cover