Waves & Wave Mechanics Ebooks

Embedded Signal Processing with the Micro Signal Architecture ebook cover
Theoretical Optics: An Introduction ebook cover
Nonlinear Signal Processing: A Statistical Approach ebook cover
Acoustic Echo and Noise Control: A Practical Approach ebook cover
Digital Communication over Fading Channels ebook cover
Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory, Optimum Array Processing ebook cover
Introduction to Optical Waveguide Analysis ebook cover
DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK ebook cover
Path Integrals and Anomalies in Curved Space ebook cover
String Theory and the Real World ebook cover
Modern Analytical Electromagnetic Homogenization ebook cover
High-Order Methods for Incompressible Fluid Flow ebook cover
Recent Developments in Cavitation Mechanisms: A Guide for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
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Earthquakes: The Sound of Multi-modal Waves ebook cover
A Breviary of Seismic Tomography ebook cover
Wave Mechanics and Wave Loads on Marine Structures ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Handbook of Shock Waves, Three Volume Set ebook cover
$2,399.00 $2,530.00
Topics in Soliton Theory ebook cover
Introduction to the Physics of Waves ebook cover
Beyond Einstein's Unified Field: Gravity and Electro-Magnetism Redefined ebook cover
Classical Electromagnetic Radiation ebook cover
Thermal Field Theories ebook cover
Continuum Physics V4 ebook cover
Continuum Physics: Mixtures and EM field Theories ebook cover