Waves & Wave Mechanics Ebooks

Handbook of Plastic Optics ebook cover
Introductory Applications of Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks ebook cover
Nonlinear Signal Processing: A Statistical Approach ebook cover
Acoustic Echo and Noise Control: A Practical Approach ebook cover
Digital Communication over Fading Channels ebook cover
Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems ebook cover
Simple Deformation and Vibration by Finite Element Analysis ebook cover
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The Impossible Happens ebook cover
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Introduction to Wave Scattering, Localization, and Mesoscopic Phenomena ebook cover
Assessment of Safety and Risk with a Microscopic Model of Detonation ebook cover
$263.95 $285.00
Supergravity ebook cover
Electromagnetic Surface Waves: A Modern Perspective ebook cover
Engineering Field Theory ebook cover
Analytic Properties of Feynman Diagrams in Quantum Field Theory ebook cover
Path Integrals and Anomalies in Curved Space ebook cover
String Theory and the Real World ebook cover
Modern Analytical Electromagnetic Homogenization ebook cover
High-Order Methods for Incompressible Fluid Flow ebook cover
Recent Developments in Cavitation Mechanisms: A Guide for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
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Earthquakes: The Sound of Multi-modal Waves ebook cover
A Breviary of Seismic Tomography ebook cover
Wave Mechanics and Wave Loads on Marine Structures ebook cover
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An Introduction to A Theory of Fields ebook cover
$7.25 $8.99