Ye Shall Be as Gods: Humanism and Christainity Ebook

Publication: First Edition Design Publishing
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And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Genesis 3:3-4 KJV. (emphasis added) This temptation became the first dark cloud on the horizon of man’s idyllic existence in the unfolding drama that ended with his fall and separation from his maker. The serpent’s whispered words were the seeds of humanism planted in the fertile field of man’s free will. This book is the story of two worldviews—humanism and Christianity—that are contending for supremacy in America’s central cultural vision. To a significant degree this conflict impacts daily the life of every American, and many of them are not conscious of the tactical and strategic maneuvers of the combatants in the swirl of life around them. Americans are angry, and this anger is often expressed in a scatter-shot resistance to what they perceive is happening in American society. They know that something is systemically wrong with America’s institutions and direction, and they see and recognize the symptoms but can’t diagnose the single disease that has metastasized throughout the American cultural vision. That disease is humanism and its many children (progressivism, naturalism, liberalism, etc.). The book focuses on root causes of the humanist-Christian culture wars but also connects those causes to the topical moments about which Americans read in the newspapers and magazines; listen to on broadcast media; and experience in the home, workplace, and culture at large. The book chronicles how the institutions of American life—religion, government, politics, economics, education, physical and human sciences, family, and popular culture (arts and the media)—have been systematically and substantially captured by those with the humanistic worldview. Because of this battle of worldviews, twenty-first century America is a divided nation. Although most Americans still hold to the central cultural vision of the Founders, much of the leadership of America’s institutions embrace the humanistic philosophy that stands in opposition to the beliefs of its people, and the results are the escalating culture wars that permeate every facet of American life. Without an understanding of humanism’s tenets, their connection to our modern miasma, and the application of a prescriptive remedy necessary to counteract humanism’s unrelenting assault, the central cultural vision under which the nation was founded will be forever lost. In Part I we look at the events and circumstances that created the Boomer generation of whom many became the finest flower of the humanist philosophy during the last half of the twentieth century. In Part II an examination is made of the predominant Judeo-Christian worldview and the sources and development of the worldviews of colonial Americans and the American Founders. Part II ends with a look at the roots and ascendency of modern humanism. In Part III the impact of humanism on American institutions—religion, government and politics, family, academia, economics, art, culture, and society in general—are described and examined. Part IV begins with a summarization of the differences between humanism and Christianity and some of the key concepts as redefined by humanists. The present-day status of the Christianity in America and America’s central cultural vision will be explored. Finally, the cultural choices that lay before America will be examined along with the means by which the over-arching Judeo-Christian banner may be restored above the central cultural vision of America.

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Ye Shall Be as Gods: Humanism and Christainity